Transportation & Logistics

Transportation and logistics

Each ‘Pearl’ is designed and constructed in close cooperation with experienced offshore heavy-lift operators such as Dockwise, OHT or COSCO to ensure safe transportation of the structure from the west coast of Norway to its final destination.

Special strong points for cargo securing during open sea transport by heavy-lift vessel as well as for site safe mooring are readily integrated in the hotel’s concrete structure.

A heavy-lift vessel will be ballasted to a semisubmerged draught before the ‘Pearl’ is carefully maneuvered into a pre-defined position above vessel’s cargo deck.

The heavy-lift vessel will de-ballast and ultimately lift the structure (approximately 60.000t) out of the water.

At its final destination the reverse operation will take place before local tugs tow the ‘Pearl’ to its operation site.

Capabilities and Capacities

The building is designed for sea transport across oceans, and to be moored and operated in sheltered water at any suitable place world-wide.

Complete hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analysis will be carried out to verify that the building can withstand 100 years of the worst sea and weather conditions at its location – if such data is available.

The circular floater will have an incorporated wave breaker.  Model tests and simulations will be carried out to verify the effectiveness of the wave breaker.

The building:

  • Is connected to shore side by a ramp for transport of guests, personnel and supplies.
  • Shall be capable of 7 days continuous full operation without any supplies from shore side.
  • Shall operate continuously 365 days a year with no shut-down due to system or machinery failure.
  • The systems shall be designed with 10% excess capacity i.e. designed for maximum continuous operation at 90% of full load. During planned maintenance a minimum 70% of continuous system capacities shall be maintained, which also may be made possible by the use of temporary storage of waste until processing during normal low load periods e.g. during night time.

Sea Transport

The complete building will be built at our construction site in Norway and transported by ship to the operation site, which also will be the site for final testing, and installation of Owner Furnished Equipment.

The sea transport from the construction site to its final destination will be carefully planned by a heavylift vessel operator.

All available weather routing information is assessed before and during transport, and safe ports for shelter against adverse weather conditions along the the route are identified.

The exact delivery time of a ‘Pearl’ can be arranged to the hour.