The Design

The Design

Each ‘Pearl’ takes the shape of a ring “hovering above” water, upon which the buildings are constructed.

Using concrete as the primary material, it can be cast into any shape and therefore, be designed to any specification according to its use.

Each structure can be designed for any purpose, and its facade can be adapted to suit any local environment, architectural feature, or local culture.

Facades are also completely customizable such as an all glass façade or a series of terraces covered with greenery.

The uniqueness of each floating platform offers opportunities for any design such as the secluded inner sanctuaries with green gardens and pool areas, or large open spaces.

Even more surprising is the flexibility to adapt to any orientation or weather conditions. As a movable structure, a Pearl can be customized to mechanically open or close depending on its location, should it ever be moved.

The Design

Each ‘Pearl’ base structure is made of concrete and can include parking space, infrastructure, spa/gymnasium and other hotel or building functions.

The semi-permanent floating structures are designed to ideally be situated off the coastline, close to residential and other commercial centers, but can also, be used in remote areas if desired.

Each superstructure will typically consist of a higher ground floor, above which a multi-story structure is built to house individual units, such as guest rooms, offices or apartments.

Each building can be fitted with penthouses located at the roof level.

At the base of the ‘Pearl,’ the structure can provide an enclosed area to create a “square” or open space in which, restaurants, shops or other communal areas where features such as swimming pools would be ideally located.