The Pearl

The ‘Pearl’ Concept

The ‘Pearl’ concept was developed by BROVA IDEA.

Applying a legacy of reliable maritime construction and technology to the Pearl has resulted in a complete floating, movable, and durable platform on which entirely customizable structures can be built such as hotels, residential complexes, resorts, or commercial areas.

Each semi-permanent superstructure can be specifically designed for space optimization and utilization, and provides a totally sustainable and environmental friendly floating solution.

As a totally sustainable, floating unit, the key issues addressed by the construction of a Pearl include:

  • Land deficit in attractive shoreline areas
  • Lack of developmental opportunities or overdevelopment on prime land
  • Dependence and reliance on neighboring infrastructure

The ‘Pearl’ has the versatility and mobility to be moved in the event of adverse political, economic or other developments.

These often unpredictable or unstable situations can have a long reaching impact on redevelopment and construction. A mobile building provides versatility and global opportunities to investors, whilst assisting the local economy.

The underlying principles of BROVA IDEA’s ‘Pearl’ concept and design are:

  • Safety & security
  • An optimal unique design to maximize the concept’s attraction and branding
  • Meeting customer criteria and needs
  • Reflecting and blending with the local ambience
  • Ultimate comfort
  • Assured reliability
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Functionality and efficient logistics
  • Environmental friendliness / green footprint
  • Consistent quality of accommodation and equipment
  • Attractive working environment
  • Mobility (relocation possibilities of the unit)
  • Additional features such as sound and lighting effects, performance staging, aquaculture, etc.