The Process

Our process becomes your process

At Brova Idea, we strive to implement our client’s vision at every level of our project's developments.

Through open and transparent dialogue, we invite client’s participation from the early stages at the drawing board, from which their particular pearl will take shape.

One of the key tenants of Brova Idea’s creation process is an organic exchange of creative ideas that are blended with the detail-focused practical expertise of our engineers and architects. We believe that the final product should represent the individual and unique background of our clients.

The versatility of Pearl’s floater -platform allows us to indulge creative design ideas that will shape the topside structure. Whether our clients wish to pursue traditional and established architectural designs or venture into the new and and groundbreaking, our floaters will provide the perfect foundation.

The possibilities of our Pearl's designs are endless.

Our design team’s expertise will work in close cooperation with our clients to chisel out their unique structure.

As a result, a Pearl’s topside structures may be constructed with distinct cultural inspiration from the areas in which they will ultimately be placed, or they may echo the exclusive style of our client’s brand.