Brova 1

A ship, a stage and a theater.

Brova Idea is underway with a number of projects, where the use of novel ideas and technologies has been the common denominator.

Working on existing projects, Brova Idea is at all times developing new ideas, while continually improving and implementing the newest technology.

Therefore, meet Brova 1, a ship, a stage and a theater.

Brova 1 is new, it is unique, it will make a impact.

The idea

Brova 1 is new! The idea of a stage and theater moving from city to city gives new and unique possibilities.

A band on tour can have the same stage and rigging along for new concerts every day in a new city. The artists have the choice to sail as well, with all the advantages of a luxury cruise, in a safe environment and relaxing atmosphere.

Festival-size concerts are possible for the audience at shore in front of the main stage, or private concerts are possible for the VIPs in the theater.

It is only our imagination that limits usage of the ship:

  • Artist tours
  • Promotional tours
  • Bringing musicals and stage shows to different cities
  • Supporting cities in organization of events such as the World Cup and the Olympics
  • Arrangements such as the Volvo Ocean Race

Facts: Stage and Entertainment

Outdoor stage 25 x 12 x 16m

  • 2 off open side doors each with 12 x 12m LED screens
  • 3 off 6 x 6m LED screens on top deck
  • Versatile supports for extensive audio system
  • Stage 5.5m above waterline with vessel at 5m draught

Indoor stage 16 x 9 x 14m

  • Fully equipped with lighting, audio and visual systems
  • 850 seats in concert hall for onboard concerts


  • 150m2 VIP lounge on top deck
  • 700m2 mingling area on open top deck
  • 180m2 lobby on each of three decks

Technical features


  • 60 persons onboard during sailing
  • 12 Passengers (artists and guests)
  • 20 Crew
  • 28 Special Personnel (stage crew / concert technicians)

Cabins & suites

  • 2 Large Suites
  • 7 Suites with double beds
  • 39 one person cabins and 2 cabins with 2 beds


  • Length Overall (Loa)- 94m
  • Breadth (B) – 22m
  • Draught – 5m
  • Air draught (with vessel at 5m draught) – 25m
  • 3 Main generators each 1800kW – MGO fuel only
  • 1 main azimuth propulsion unit 3000kW
  • 1 combined retractable azimuth thruster /side thruster – 880kW
  • Economical speed 12kn, maximum speed 14kn
  • 20 days endurance
  • 3000kWhr battery capacity for concerts 3 to 5 hrs
  • Shore connection for full concert demand and battery charging
  • Seamless transition between power sources:
    Batteries – shore power – vessel’s generators